Hurt at Work?

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In most instances, if you get hurt at work, the Missouri Workers Compensation Law provides you with three basic benefits:

1. Medical treatment...your employer has to pay for medical treatment related to your injury;
2. Pay while off work...your employer has to pay you a percentage of your average weekly wage during the time you cannot work because of your injury;
3. Permanent Partial Disability...your employer has to pay for the permanent damage to the body part(s) injured.

To make sure you get these benefits, you need to make sure you report the work injury to your manager/supervisor and you need to make sure you request medical treatment right away. 

Most businesses are required to carry workers compensation insurance in order to do business in Missouri. In St. Louis, I get a lot of calls from injured workers who don't want to "sue" their company. I explain to them that their employer doesn't pay out of pocket on workers compensation claims, the insurance company pays. Also, your employer can face serious legal consequences if they try to retaliate against you for making an injury claim. 

Getting hurt at work is a fact of life. It happens. That's why your employer pays for work comp insurance. But beware, the insurance company and the attorneys they hire will offer to pay you as little money as they can to close out your case. This is why It is always best to talk to an attorney. It costs you nothing to call and consult with a lawyer and get basic legal advice so you can explore your options. 

If you have questions about a work injury, call us at 314-300-8380 for a free consultation, or visit us at, to make sure you get the benefits to which you are entitled.

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