What to do if you are hurt in a crash


If you are hurt in a car accident, don't trust the insurance companies. Call us for advice. 

  • Call 911
  • Get witness names and phone numbers if you can
  • Don't admit fault
  • Take pictures of the crash scene and the damage to the cars involved in the crash
  • If you are hurt, tell the police and ask for an ambulance
  • If you are hurt but really don't think you need an ambulance, don't wait, go to the ER and make sure you report all of your injuries
  • If your insurance company or the other driver's insurance company calls you, stop and call us for help
  • Never give a recorded statement to anyone without a lawyer
  • If you tell an insurance company that you are represented by an attorney, they cannot continue talking to you without talking to your attorney first

After a crash, the insurance companies will call you to try to get you to say things that will be used against you later on. Don't try to handle your injury claim on your own. Call us for help and a free consultation. 314-300-8380

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