Medical Payments Coverage (“Med Pay”) and Collision Coverage (“Collision”)

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You need to have Med Pay coverage and Collision coverage on your policy.

Med Pay is “no fault” coverage. This means that regardless of who's at fault for an auto accident, Med Pay will go towards covering the medical bills for anyone that's hurt in your car.

For example, if you are hurt in a crash and the other driver's insurance wants to investigate the crash or doesn't want to pay because they think you are at fault, we can submit your medical bills to your own insurance company if you carry "med pay." Typically, your insurance premiums won't go up if the crash wasn't your fault. 

Also, when we prove that other driver was at fault, that negligent driver's insurance will pay on your bodily injury claim and you keep your extra "med pay" money otherwise held to put towards your medical bills. This applies to Missouri cases. In other states like Illinois, your insurance company has a right to recover a portion of the med pay money it paid you in the event you collect a settlement or jury award from the other driver's insurance company.  

I suggest taking out "med pay" coverages for at least $5,000. Some people have $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000 to make sure they are sufficiently covered in the event of a crash.

Auto Collision coverage is important to have because if someone else crashes into you and they don't have insurance, you will not have coverage for the repairs to your car or for a new car if your car is “totaled.” Collison coverage also usually comes with rental coverage so that your insurance company will give you a rental vehicle while your damaged car is getting repaired or while you are looking to replace your car if it was totaled. 

Another reason to carry collision coverage is in the event that the other driver's insurance company wants to "investigate" the crash or denies it was their insured driver's fault. The other insurance company will not pay for your repairs or your totaled vehicle while they investigate the crash to determine fault or if it denies it was their driver's fault.

Take control and make sure you have proper "med pay" coverage and "collision" coverage on your auto policy.

If you have any questions about how "med pay" coverage or "collision" overage works, call us for free at 314-300-8380.

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